My Philosophy

The focus of every wedding is the love between the couple, it’s as simple as that, it’s the central story-line that all the sub plots stem from but one of the many beautiful aspects of a wedding is that there are scenes and moments which can be told or ignored, captured or deleted. Every wedding is different and it is my job is to let the story of the day unfold and be in the right place to capture the moments you the client want to see – and even some you didn’t expect to.

I got married and it was the happiest day of my life and I know that very few life events will ever top how great we felt celebrating with all our family and friends. Our photographer was almost invisible to us – we weren’t stopped to cut the cake a certain way, asked to dance in a specific part of the dance floor or do anything we weren’t comfortable with – don’t underestimate how important this can be to the enjoyment or your special day.

I specialize in Documentary Wedding Photography with a creative edge but in simple terms, I love to be able to witness moments in time and honestly tell the story that’s happening in front of me in an artistic way. Whatever the subject matter, my skill is in knowing how best to tell the story of that moment, to relay the experience and feelings of those within the moment to those viewing my images. I think I do this in a unique way which is very honest to that moment.

Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographer